Balinese Wedding Blessing Package III Rp 18.000.000

Balinese Wedding Blessing
  • Memorable Marriage Certificate from Bali Moon Wedding
  • Balinese Hindu Priest lead the ceremony and his assistants helping the Priest
  • Offering for Balinese wedding blessing include fruits, cakes, flowers
  • Simple Balinese decorations
  • Grand Balinese wedding attire and accessories (Payas Agung) for Bride and groom rent only
  • Balinese hair and makeup by professional stylist
  • Live traditional bamboo music during ceremony
  • Ceremony order and liturgy of wedding ceremony for bride and groom to knowing the ceremony procession
  • Flower shower
  • Complimentary return transport for bride and groom to ensure they arrive on time if the venue is out of their accommodation
  • Two hours photography
  • Two night accommodation for bride and groom include the ceremony venue.

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