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Bali Moon Wedding - Wedding Organizer in Bali

Bali Moon Wedding is a professional wedding organizer in Bali specialist in intimate weddings and elopements. We believe that beside of many couples who want an opulent nuptial, there are also couples who prefer something different to have a small, intimate wedding, either with just close family and friends in a nice venue, or with just the two of them during their holiday in this beautiful island of Gods, who also need our assistance.

We pride ourselves in our ability to create your dream wedding, by understanding what you want and creating a wedding concept that will match not only your own vision, but also your budget. We will suggest the best vendors to match your style, and be the ever present and understanding coordinator throughout the event.

We organize wonderful and romantic “commitment” weddings, and for those who would like to just get a celebrant / officiant from us, we are happy to arrange it.

Many couples often find difficulties deciding which wedding package or venue that they must choose because there are just so many options but it is not easy to get what they need in their own style. We are here offer a different wedding experience to make the decision easy, through open and understanding discussion about your wedding dreams, and by professionally managing every facet of the wedding process, we can create the event that you will fondly remember for the rest of your life. Inform us your wedding style and budget that you would like to spend and check out our special options.

IDR 100.000 from your booking will be donated to support local children. 


Bali Moon Wedding is legally operated under CV BALI MOON JAYA

SIUP : 1915/22-08/DPMPTSP/SIUP-K/IV/2017
NIB  : 0109220068751
NPWP: 81.752.832.6-906.000

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