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Commitment Wedding​

Commitment wedding in Bali is usually for couple who have already legally married in their country but would still like to have a nice, romantic marriage celebration in Bali or for some reason can not / do not want to hold a legal wedding in Bali.

Commitment wedding or also known as a symbolic wedding ceremony is similar to legal wedding where you can still exchange vows, giving and receiving ring. The difference is only there is no legal wedding certificates issued by government.

Many couple was thinking of an idea to have something romantic while holidaying in Bali and then decided to have commitment wedding. Commitment wedding in Bali can be hold in a chapel or outdoor either on a beach, garden or any other beautiful venue.
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Muslim Wedding

For those Indonesian or foreigners who is planning to get married and would like to have a Muslim wedding in Bali, we are able to help either for the ceremony.

If both of you are Indonesian, you will need to get single letter called N1 – N4 from Kelurahan then get Surat Rekomendasi Nikah from KUA based on your domicile address or copy of your Book of Marriage.

For foreigners, the single letter come from your Embassy or Consulate in Indonesia or copy of your Marriage Certificate.

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Christian Wedding​

For Christian wedding ceremony, couple will need to prepare Birth Certificate, Passport, Single Letter from Embassy or Consulate in Indonesia, Divorce Letter if any of you have been married before and Baptism Certificate for Indonesian.

Wedding in Christian is free to held in outdoor venue such as beach, chapel, villa or garden. The ceremony is started by opening by the Priest, exchange vows, giving and receiving ring, blessing by covering your hands with the Priest’s  scarf while saying the the prayer, wedding kiss then flower shower.

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Catholic Wedding​

A Catholic wedding in Bali both for Indonesian or foreigner couple must be hold in a church and not allowed for an outdoor wedding. They are some Catholic church in Bali that you can choose. Some are in Balinese style and some in modern style building.

If one of the couple is not Catholic, then she/he does not have to convert into Catholic as Catholic wedding does not require the couple to be in a same religion (Catholic).

Before the wedding ceremony, the document requirements have to be completely accepted by the Bali local church no later than one month prior the wedding day which those documents need to be start prepared by about six months prior the wedding depend on couple’s church Policy.

The documents needed are Pre Marriage Course Certificate, Investigation Letter, Baptism Certificate and also Single Letter or Civil Marriage Certificate.

The wedding couple need to choose a slot time provided by the church either in the morning or afternoon time.

Wedding couple suggested to come to Bali at least four days before the wedding day for rehearsal and meet the priest/Romo if required.
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Traditional Balinese Blessing Ceremony​

Anyone who would like to experience Balinese culture, we can arrange a traditional Balinese wedding blessing either in your villa, hotel or any other venue selected. Traditional Balinese blessing ceremony is a symbolic Hindu wedding based on Balinese culture.

We prepare wedding offering just like a real Balinese wedding ceremony include Balinese decoration from bamboo, traditional umbrellas, wedding offerings, holy water and yellow rice.

For the ceremony details, the wedding couple will pass three step of ceremony starting from cleansing ceremony by sprinkling holy water to the couple to purify the body, main ceremony is include buying and selling between bride and groom ceremony where you two pretend to do negotiation and buy something from the bride and give her back as a reward, kicking coconut ceremony where the bride is like kneeling on coconut and the groom kick the coconut so the bride can kneeling properly as a symbol of husband helps wife to solve her problems, then walk around the offering ceremony for three times together for bride and groom. The last step is prayer ceremony where the couple raise their hands to forehead to say thank you as the ceremony goes well and to ask blessing for the marriage life. After prayer session the couple will feeding yellow rice to each other as a symbol of prosperity.

After those steps the couple can exchange vows, giving and receiving ring, wedding kiss then flower showers. Both bride and groom will wear Balinese wedding attire called Payas Agung. Our stylist will come to your accommodation and it will take at least 3 hours for the hair and makeup and dressing for both bride and groom to be. Don’t worry for those who not confident about size as the wedding attire is fit for all size. For those who don’t think they would wear Balinese wedding attire, it will allowed to just wear basic sarong for groom and simple Balinese dress for bride to be.

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Buddhist Wedding

For couple who choose to have a Buddhist wedding in Bali, the ceremony can conduct in a Buddhist temple or if you would like to have the ceremony at another venue that you choose like at your villa, hotel or any other outdoor venue will also possible but may need to decide in advance as we need to inform the temple.
Buddhist wedding will start by praying session lead by Pandita (Buddhist Priest), lighting candles  (five different color of candle) then tying the wedding couple hands in red ribbon and covering the couple with yellow cover. The Pandita will lead the praying session and assist the couple what to say. After untie the ribbon and cover, that is the time for the wedding couple to exchange the vows and rings. Buddhist wedding ceremony will be closed by handing present for Buddhist Temple called Amisadhana which contain flowers, candles, incenses and donation tied in yellow ribbon.

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Chapel wedding in Bali

For those who would like to get married indoor with air conditioning but still have beautiful view as the backdrop of your wedding, we suggest you to get married in a chapel. Wedding in a glass chapel in Bali is possible for legal wedding or commitment/ symbolic wedding ceremony.

For legal wedding, the legal paperwork need to be prepared no later than one month prior the wedding day and also the chapel that you would like to choose need to be decided so we can decide to which Civil Ministry office we need to submit the documents as each area have their own Civil Ministry.

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Wedding Management

You have already booked vendors for your Bali wedding and just need a coordinator for on the day only? You are probably more familiar with the term “Day of Coordination” but honestly that does not really exist.

Although you have already booked all vendors and discussed what you want on the wedding day, it is impossible to hire a wedding organizer / planner to work only on the wedding day in order to make sure everything shorted and the wedding run based on your contract with vendors.

When couple ask for a coordination just on the wedding day to coordinate all vendors to work based on contracts and managing the timeline, actually we will work at least from one month prior the wedding or starting from the day couple signing our contract. By choosing our Wedding Management services, we will manage all aspect of your wedding starting from reviewing all of your decor details, the number of guests, type of layout and other details before meeting with all of the vendors to confirm the services and finalize the timing.

Rundown or timeline for ceremony and reception should be prepared in at least one month before the wedding day which include the arrival time of each vendor, contact person and their phone number in case we need it on the wedding day, setup time for each vendors, menu and beverages detail, order of the processional, music choices, seating arrangement and prepare for plan B.

We will also need to attend the final walk through with copies of timelines printed for all vendors at the meeting which takes place at the wedding venue approximately two week to one month prior to the wedding day. After we are done with this meeting, we need to update the timelines and review them with the wedding couple then confirm and send the final timelines to everyone one or two weeks prior to the wedding day.

Confirm details and send final timelines to all the vendors one to two weeks prior to the wedding day. The sooner they have the timeline, the easier they can plan for the wedding day. They might also have something missing or change or have any other input after the meeting so we need to rearrange the timelines.

Closer to the date we will need to arrange and attend the ceremony rehearsal. This is usually the day prior to the wedding to make sure we know how the bridal party will line up and walk down the aisle, who will escort the parents and when the music will stop, finalizing the vows with the officiant/ celebrant or priest, collecting all items from the wedding couple such us name tag, cards, souvenirs,  etc and remind all vendors for all the needs for the next day.

On the wedding day we prepare the checklist include all the items that the couple have given us, work together with all vendors based on the timelines and and make sure vendors provide services based on the contract.

Our fee for Wedding Management services is depends on the size of event and the difficulties of arrangement include the layout, decoration, vendors and many more.

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Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup is one of the most important part of the special day. For those who book wedding through us or even only hire our hair and or makeup artist, we are more than happy to assist you by coming to your hotel or villa and do the hair and and makeup there. If you would like to do trial, we will also come to your accommodation. We have both local and expatriate hair and makeup artist who are really passionate to make you look even more beautiful. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any question and price list.


We are more than happy to help you to decorate your wedding venue from simple decoration just two standing flowers, flower aisle and some flower centerpiece to elaborate decorations include chandeliers, hanging bulb and imported flowers. Some couple don’t really want to spend a lot for decoration and some only like type of flower colors which only come from imported flower so we are open to discuss your style.

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If you plan to have a wedding ceremony followed by reception, would like to entertain the guests with a live music or performance, we can provide either acoustic band, full band, DJ, Balinese dance or even fire dance. With many experiences to perform in wedding events, our entertainers are professional and will work based on agreement.


We are also able to provide any other services include wedding cake. Our wedding cake company partners will work based on the wedding cake design and detail that you would like to have. So let us know or give us pictures of cake that you would like to have then we will make It.

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The food made by a professional catering company is important in wedding event. We make sure all guest having a good, hygiene food wo there will be no complaints after event. Our catering selection are really concerned about client’s dietary and hygiene standards which based on international standard. You can choose Balinese menu, Indonesian menu, Asian menu, Western menu or BBQ menu. Our catering also provide beverages but possible for you to bring your own spirit. Usually we offer non alcoholic welcome drink during guest arrival, cocktails and canapés after ceremony while the guest mingleing after ceremony. For dinner, you can choose either set menu or buffet dinner.

Wedding Photography & Videography

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