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Traditional Balinese Wedding Blessing

If you are about to go on holiday or honeymoon to Bali, there are many options for you to experience Bali life and culture. Traditional Balinese wedding blessing is one of the options to book. The ceremony can be hold in your hotel, villa or stay in our Balinese style accommodation selection. Be aware that most of hotel will charge for venue hire when you use it for event especially wedding no matter whether there is just the two of you or some guests.

Traditional Balinese wedding blessing is symbolic of real Balinese Hindu wedding. The package starting from US $690. This ceremony is not a legal wedding because for a legal Balinese wedding, the couple must be Hindu or convert to be Hindu without coercion and witnessed by Bali Hindu Government. Simply for couples to experience Balinese culture and to get blessed for your union, this traditional Balinese wedding blessing is conduct by a real Hindu priest. We provide offering and wedding attire for the couple. The ceremony will be accompanied by Balinese traditional bamboo music or gamelan escorted by Balinese flower girls. Contact us for more tailored packages and options.

balinese wedding package

Balinese Wedding Package

Below is our Balinese wedding blessing and also possible to customize based on your request Balinese Wedding Blessing Package Rp 16.000.000   Memorable Marriage Certificate

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