Small Intimate Wedding In Bali

Small intimate wedding has become a favorite choice in Bali as some couple decided to celebrate their union with family and just close friends instead of having a luxurious wedding with big number of guest and flash decoration. However, each couple have their own wedding dream. Big or small simple wedding, Bali can accommodate all of it and always has the best options to offer.

Clifftop bali wedding

For those who would like a small wedding, we can arrange a simple intimate wedding where all the guests can really enjoy the moment and be a part of your special day. Small intimate wedding in Bali can held in a waterfall, garden, beach, hotel or restaurant.

Wedding in a private villa near the beach where all the guest can stay nearby, will possible to held the event privately where the party can continue until midnight. You can bring your own spirit and create simple decoration as you wish to control the budget. The villa options can be in west area with sunset, in east area with sunrise and mountain view or in south area on the cliff with ocean view.

If you don’t plan the party until midnight then another options for wedding in Bali will be hotel as they will allowed the event until 10pm. Beside beach and garden, some hotel also have chapel front beach or on a cliff with breath taking Indian Ocean view especially during sunset where you can rent it for about 90 minutes for your wedding ceremony and photo session.

There are also restaurants on the beach who can accommodate wedding separately with their regular guests. Another options will be in Ubud with a deep Balinese culture feels, close to nature, surrounded with greeny scenery with jungle, river and ricefield round.

Whatever your style and type of wedding that you would like to have, it is always possible to do it in Bali as Bali has everything to make you feel like your are in paradise. If you are considering for wedding on a budget in Bali, all venue is already beautiful so will not need a flash decoration which will cost a lot of money and effect the budget. Even most of other wedding needs in Bali has better prices comparing than other place in the world. As a passionate experienced wedding organizer, we are always try our best to organize client’s wedding arrangements carefully to realize their wedding dream.

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