When Is The Best Time to Have Your Elopement Wedding in Bali?

When Is The Best Time to Have Your Elopement Wedding in Bali?

A wedding, the most precious moment for every couple. After all, this ceremony only happens once in a lifetime. Every wedding indeed is beautiful. But, choosing the right location for your elopement wedding will make this moment million times more magnificent.

Eloping to a local beach near your place may be good enough. Still, do you want your only wedding to be just good enough?

However, imagine getting your elopement wedding in an attractive beach, under the sunset landscape, accompanied by different kind of food and local attractions that you’ve never had before. Create your memorable wedding in Bali, the most exotic island in Indonesia.

If you have decided to have your elopement wedding in Bali, you may wonder, when is the best time to eloping in Bali?

Here are a few things that you have to consider before setting the date for your wedding in Bali.

The best season to have your elopement wedding in Bali

In general, Bali has great weather for an outdoor wedding. Why is that? Bali has warm, but not so hot weather. Although the air is relatively humid, it’s cleaner than a crowded city like London or Jakarta, so it’s still a plus.

There are two main seasons in Bali, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season starts from November to February and the dry season starts from April to September.

To sum up, dry season will be the best season to visiting Bali. The air is less humid than the rainy season and the wind is not too strong.

If you’re afraid that the heat will be uncomfortable, especially when you have to wear a wedding dress or a tuxedo, then chill out. The weather in dry season won’t be as hot as the summer season after all. The temperature may only reach 28oC at maximum.

The only problem is, dry season is also a high season in Bali. In another word, the beaches and roads will be crowded with tourists. But, if you are the type who loves a lively town, then go for it.

Regarding the high season, there is a second problem that would be discussed in the next point.

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How much your budget for the wedding?

Inevitably, wedding is a big event and it definitely requires a considerable amount of money. That’s the reason why you should adjust the budget that you have and the cost of your wedding. Good news for you, the cost for elopement wedding in Bali is not as expensive as you might have guessed before.

Moreover, you can minimize your wedding’s cost by choosing the right date for your wedding. As mentioned earlier, the high season is in the dry season, particularly holiday season, i.e. Eid al-Fitr Holidays (mid-June), Easter Holidays (July-August) and Christmas – New Year Holidays (December-January).

In the high season, the flight, hotel, and other accommodations would be extremely expensive. Therefore, if you want to trim your budget, then you can consider a low season for your elopement wedding.

In addition, there are other ways that you can use to cut your wedding’s expenses. The good thing is this method also make your wedding’s preparation easier. What you have to do?

You could just order a wedding package that suits your budget and satisfaction, starting from USD700. Wedding with a cliff top ocean view, or a romantic forest in the middle of Bali? Well, they have it all!

Which part of Bali that would be your destination wedding?

There are many locations in Bali that would be a perfect destination wedding, either a villa on the cliff edge of Uluwatu Beach or an open garden with a natural scenery of Ubud.

If you choose Ubud, Kintamani or other regions in central of Bali as the location of your wedding, then it would be better to set your wedding date on dry season. While if you intend to have your wedding in South Bali (Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran or Sanur), then you can choose either rainy season or dry season for your wedding. Why is that?

The topography of Bali is kind of unique. Even though Bali has many beaches, central side of Bali has a mountain area that extends from west to east of Bali. That’s why rainfall usually higher in the middle of Bali rather than in the seaside of Bali.

Then, when’s the best time to have your elopement wedding in Bali?

It depends on how your character and your partner’s character are. If you and your partner :

  1. Love Bali in its best weather and don’t have any problem with the crowd or the pricey accommodations, then June – August would be a perfect month for your wedding. The humidity is relatively low and the wind isn’t too strong. The best month for visiting Bali!
  2. Have a limited budget and get uncomfortable with the crowded city, then you can choose the low season (November or February – March]) for your wedding. But be prepared, because at that time, it’s rainy season in Bali, and that’s mean it would be raining 20/30 days. Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if you hold your wedding inside of a hotel or villa.
  3. Can’t stand the rainy season but also not really good with the crowd? Then, you have to take a compromise. April – May or September-October might not be the best season for Bali, yet it’s not too humid and the rainfall also average.

After you set the right date for your wedding, then it’s time to choose a Bali wedding organizer that would be perfect for you. Whether it’s flower decoration, photo session with a professional photographer to a hair and makeup artist, we’ll take care of it. Contact us for bring your wedding dreams into reality!



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