Honor Your Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

12 Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

One of the beautiful things the wedding couples suggested to add on their wedding day is honoring lost loved ones in a nice way. Nothing beats to physically having all loved ones witnessing the day you say the promise to start a new life as a husband or wife. There are 11 ways to honor your lost loved ones at your wedding which you can choose.

most wedding couples really take a deep thought about how to honor lost loved ones; you may choose to publicly announce their absence in the wedding or as subtle as wearing something that reminds you of that person. You can decide how you would like to honor lost loved ones without drowning in the sorrow of their absence.

How much they mean to you?

The goal of honoring lost loved one is to acknowledge the person without prolonging sad scheme to the end of the ceremony. A lot of person will lost their sanity and cry it out loud only by mentioning the names of lost loved ones; if you are strong enough to bear their absence, then go ahead the guests are there for the joy of the wedding not a memorial service.

Honoring lost loved ones in a wedding is only a part of understanding that they aren`t forgotten. Here, you will find ethical ways to honor your lost loved ones.

  1. Say a prayer

Simplest ways to honor lost loved ones is simply by saying a prayer and feel the warmth of their memory. Some people retain the mood away from sorrow in their wedding reception; a nice and firm prayer is enough for them.

  1. Bring something the person possesses before their absence

The most subtle ways to honor a lost loved one that no one will ever know unless you tell them so. Personally, this is the best and deepest way to keep that person close to your heart. It could be a ring, a necklace or a letter that the person possesses that you can wear on the wedding or simply put in the bouquet as if you are holding that person`s hand.

  1. Place their photos to your bouquet

You can choose to place their photos in an ornamental case like lockets and wrap it around the bouquet or simply glue their photos on the bouquet.

  1. Memory table

Arrange a special table at your wedding filled with framed photos of lost loved ones. It doesn’t have to be a photo, it could be anything that reminds you of them, the good ones.

  1. Reserve a seat

Get extra chair for the ceremony and or reception and put a flower on it or simply put a sign that the chair is reserved. You can also put any other belongings like hat, glasses or quilt.

  1. Cook their favorite meal

The aroma and taste of the favorite meal of lost loved ones will bring back amazing memories. That person favorite meal will represent their joy of your wedding.

  1. Make a scrapbook

A creative way to honor their absence is by making a scrapbook that elaborate wonderful memories about them. Place the book where guests can easily find and read it; guests will notice how much you care about that person.

People personalities are multifaceted and so do their grieving styles; you shouldn’t shame or punish yourself for not grieving the way others want you to.

  1. Write a short speech and share the story

Writing your memories about losing loved ones not only relieving the pain, but also refreshes your body and mind in a profound way. Keep it simple and firm so you won`t lose it in your wedding day.

  1. Get a tattoo of that person`s name

Ways to honor your lost loved ones on your wedding can get to another level; tattooing their name in your body for example. Etching that person`s name in your skin is considered as higher commitment than getting married; it shows generous devotion for them.

  1. Sing their favorite song

Ask the wedding singer to sing that person’s favorite song at the reception. If  you are strong enough, sing it casually in honor of the lost loved ones.

  1. Complete their bucket list

Completing a bucket list of the lost loved ones can be challenging and relieving at the same time. Some of the challenge could be the exact thing you are going to fulfill, like getting married in Bali.

Those ideas are timeless and thoughtful ways to honor your lost loved ones. If you ever cross to a situation where you need to honor the absence of the loved ones at your wedding, those 11 ways to honor your lost loved ones at your wedding could help you decide what would mean the most to you on the big day.



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