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These Handmade Wedding Favor Ideas are Beautiful, and Useful!

Remember the last time you went to a wedding party and you told yourself, “Oh, it´s a bottle opener, again.”

Well, it´s not that a bottle opener isn´t useful but too many weddings have given out that favors and if you really want to make your guests feel noticed and special, why not give something that can always remind them how beautiful your wedding in Bali is. Something that is locally made, by hands, with love!

Here are some handmade wedding favor ideas that your guests can bring back home and actually use them!

1. Wooden kitchen utensils

Bali is home to wide range of wood dinnerware and cutleries. From small fork to big bowl – the price gets cheaper if you buy in bulks with a price starts from IDR 10,000. Also, these are locally made by Balinese carpenters. As many people are getting more conscious about plastic use, your guests would thank you later for giving them a piece of wooden souvenir they can use in their kitchen.

Source: Pixabay.com

2. Silverware

Say thank you in style! Balinese silverware is unlike any other. The silversmiths clans have made intricate objects from temples to jewelries. The unique and precise cuttings make it a delightful favor for your guests. Imagine your loved ones bringing home star studded bracelet, or pendant so skillfully handcrafted for your wedding! Depending on the size and shape, a small jewelry piece made of silver costs at least IDR 100,000.

Source: Pixabay.com

3. Balinese’s Milk Pie

Cookie is everyone´s favorite and it makes a great wedding favor idea. If you´re looking for an authentic sweet treats for souvenir, Bali has one traditional cookies that the locals do enjoy. Some bakery stores even require you to reserve upfront for this assortment because they make a limited amount of stocks for a day.

Source: PxHere.com

Balinese original Pie Susu or milk pie is thin, with soft texture and deliciously sweet creamy flavor. Thankfully, there are now milk pies with various fillings and toppings, from cheese to almonds, from flaky to crispy – all are freshly made by hands without added preservatives. Price starts from IDR 25,000 per box (up to 12 pieces).

4. Kintamani Coffee beans

The super exotic Kintamani area is home to Bali´s most sought coffee bean. Nothing is more special than a unique taste of wedding favor originated from the place where you´re getting married! Place the Bali Kintamani coffee beans in mason jars or paper bags, tie them with a tag, and everthing´s set for your guests to bring home. Kintamani coffee beans are sold per 250 gr for around IDR 125,000 to 250,000

Source: Pixabay.com

5. Rattan

Modern-day wedding favors get more creative as the options are endless. Another way to thank your guests is to give a memorable keepsake made from rattan. Handmade rattan piece comes in form of shapes and sizes, and they´re custom made, too. It can be a rattan tissue box or a rattan basket filled with stuffs that suit your wedding color palette. These are simple yet useful gift for your guests. Handmade rattan goods can be as cheap as IDR 25,000 and as expensive as IDR 250,000 depending on the model you choose.

Source: Pixabay.com

6. Artisanal soap

With the abundance of organic and raw ingredients in Bali, it is fairly easy to find natural soaps or skin care products with different fragrance. Scented handmade goods can lift senses and brighten up days, and your personalized gift can make them reminisce your intimate wedding celebration. Artisanal soap is an affordable wedding gift that you can opt for IDR 15,000 per piece.

Source: Flickr.com

7. Aromatherapy incense

Locally sourced incense with a hint of frangipani scent reminds everyone of Bali for sure. Made of selected quality woods, the Balinese incenses are usually fragranced with floral essence such as Lavender or Rose, traditionally formulated by the locals. Incense stick is a great companion when doing yoga, meditation, or if you just want to feel calm. For your wedding souvenir idea, wrap a few sticks in tule and tie it with a ribbon that matches the color of your wedding theme. Aromatherapy incense sticks are sold in box or tube that consists of 6 to 12 sticks. However, you can search for wholesale seller to obtain the souvenir at a much cheaper cost.

Source: Flickr.com

8. Batik fabric

Wearable items are a great wedding favor that won´t go to waste. If you´re going to hold an intimate wedding party with only a few guests, then batik tulis fabric can be a meaningful gift to appreciate your guests. Tulis, literally means write, which describes the process of making the fabric pattern in manual technique using wax. Buying this fabric is a great deed to contribute to the women empowerment. The work of art can cost IDR 350,000 up to 2,000,000 with different patterns and meanings about Balinese culture or the telltale if the gods.

Source: Pixabay.com

9. Tropical fruit jams

Your guests will be excited when they find out they can bring home handcrafted exotic fruit jams of Bali! With a plethora of fruit farms, tropical fruits create a distinct taste when they´re processed into jams. These sweets are sourced from the best quality fruits picked by the local farmers. Fruit jam in a glass jar makes an excellent wedding souvenir because your guests will be able to reuse the jar.

Source: Pixabay.com

10. Colorful hand fan

A handmade fan can keep your guests cool during your nuptial at the beach. In fact, they can use it after the party is over. Bali´s tropical weather can make you sweat a lot and your guests can make use of this colorful hand fan as they begin their adventure in the island the next day.

Source: Pixabay.com

Which one of these incredible gifts that you think your guests would love the most? Let Bali Moon Wedding help you get them. Not on the list? No worry! We´re more than happy to hear your ideas of a perfect wedding souvenir and let´s see if we can make your idea come to live! Contact us for an unforgettable wedding party in Bali!



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