knowing your wedding in Bali estimation cost

Knowing Your Bali Wedding Estimation Cost

Bali is known as the Island of Gods. It has a rich and fascinating culture. With its beautiful exotic scenery, Bali has become famous as a perfect wedding destination and thousands of couples from around the globe have decided to hold their wedding in Bali.

Bali Wedding Costs
The cost of a wedding in Bali mainly depends on the wedding venue that the couple chooses. There are three main venues for weddings in Bali: hotels, private villas, and restaurants. Hotel weddings tend to be more expensive, but this often varies according to the number of guests. The choice of food and beverage that are served, as well as the photographer, videographer, entertainment, hair and makeup artist that you hire, will also affect the wedding budget.

nusa dua beach front wedding

Hotel Weddings
Most higher end hotels in Bali will offer you their wedding packages, which normally include the venue hire (which could be on the beach, garden, or chapel at the hotel), standard decorations and a one or two-night stay at their property.

Costs for food at a reception for hotels wedding start from USD $35 (+ 21% tax and services*) per person and can be as much as USD $85. This cost includes the standard decorations and centerpiece, but does not include the wedding cake. For beverages, many hotels offer free flow packages per hour (some include cocktail and wine and some only soft drinks and juices), start from USD $18 per person per hour. After the wedding ceremony, canapés are usually served, which cost around USD $15 per person per hour depending on the venue selected. For any other services like wedding cakes, photography, other decorations, etc., the hotel will have their recommendation but it is also possible for you to arrange these by yourself. You may have to pay a fee to the hotel if you do choose to use outside services.

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Villa Weddings
Costs for weddings in a private villa will also vary depending on the villa selected. Beach front villas in the west or south of the island with sunset views will cost more than beach front villas in east. Villas with garden or rice field views can be found with an even lower cost. Most villas require a minimum stay of 3 nights for special events such as weddings, and a minimum stay of 5 – 7 nights in peak season. There may also be an extra function fee to use the villa area for an event. This fee may amount to the cost of a one-night stay, or even more depending on the villa selected. The Banjar (local community) may also require a permit which often costs more than USD $300.

The villa staff will make sure that the villa is clean and safe and the venue is ready for the event. They will also provide a chef during your stay. For the wedding, are allowed to bring outside vendors such as decorators, caterers, and also organize your own wedding cake. The wedding cost will then depend on the decoration that you would like to have (lighting, dance floor, etc.), the type of food and the catering company that you chose, as well as the type of entertainment, which could range from Balinese traditional dance, to an acoustic band, DJ or full band.

Restaurant Weddings
Another option will be at a restaurant, which usually has a much lower cost than a hotel and villa. The food and beverages will come from the restaurant selected but some restaurants allow you to bring your own wine or spirits. Services in restaurants differ from that in hotels as most of the staff will be used to serving regular guests, not wedding guests, and most of the time they won’t have extra staff for the event.

Wedding Organizers
It is highly recommended to hire a wedding organizer, regardless of your choice of venue. A wedding organizer will help you to chose the venue, calculate the budget based on your wedding dream and provide various options for decorations, food, music, etc. On the wedding day, they will make sure all vendors fulfill their obligations and the wedding and reception runs smoothly. Even for a wedding in a hotel, the hotel staff basically will provide the services based on the agreement but most of the time, most weddings will need someone to coordinate the timing and the guests.

*This tax applies to all charges.

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