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A Beautiful Wedding in Bali at An Affordable Price

For you who would like to have your wedding in Bali but at the moment you don’t want to spend a lot, don’t worry be happy because a beautiful wedding in Bali at an affordable price can be real and dazzling. It does not have to be expensive to make it special. We believe everyone can have a memorable wedding in Bali.

To minimize the expenses, you may need to reduce the number of guests because the more number you have the more you need to pay for food, beverages, decoration (include tables, chairs, centerpieces) and so on.

The smaller number of guests the more options you have for the venue and accommodation that match your budget. We work with many beautiful villas, hotel, retreat house, and eco lodging starting from less than USD100 per night. All with stunning view in affordable prices that all couple can afford.

If you are not into a luxury venue, find a place that is not so famous but still beautiful and possible to hold a wedding there. There are many beautiful places in Bali that does not cost a lot. Some of beautiful venues located out of town. Be aware that some vendors would count the distant between town and your venue. There maybe surcharge fee for wedding out of town for most vendors.

We love wedding, we manage how to offer a wedding based on your vision and budget. Most of the budget will goes to venue rental. That is why we work with beautiful hidden venues to help it fit your budget but still stunning and picturesque.

check out our special small Bali wedding and elopement options and contact us to start planning your wedding.


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