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Romantic Beach Elopement in Bali – Elope in Bali

After visiting Bali five years ago, Edila & Eduardo finally tied the knot and having a romantic beach elopement in BALI. Although they needed to face a very long flight, 36 hours from Brazil, it did not stop them to come back and even choose this beautiful island to elope and share their most special moment with us all.

Edila arranged the wedding as a surprise for Eduardo and all family. On our final meeting, we secretly arranged the hair and makeup and also the decoration so Eduardo would only see when he arrived on the beach.

Earlier on the wedding day, we can see that they two were excited and also nervous. The hotel room filled with love songs playing and many selfies taken while Eduardo was getting ready in separate room. Two of our wedding team accompanied them to help them relaxed. They helped to remind them the time, the rings, assited during photo and video shooting and organized the transport. At 4;30 Eduardo departed earlier from Anantara Uluwatu Resort and Villas heading to the beach while Edila departed 10 minutes later, in separate car.

Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopementwedding-balibeachwedding-beachweddinginbali-groompreparation-baliweddingorganizer Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliweddingmakeup Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-baliweddingorganizer Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-balibride-bride-classicdress-baliweddinghairandmakeup Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-affordablebaliweddingpackages-intimatebaliweddingpackages-baliromanticelopement-selfiebride

Arrived on the beach Eduardo still have time to relax for some minutes as we were waiting for dusk to start the ceremony because we used candles and lantern for the ceremony to get the warm and romantic ambience. It was when Edila walking down the aisle that he finally can see her on a beautiful white wedding dress. Happy tears fall down while reading the vows and we all blown up with joyful.

Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-beachwedding-balibeachelopement-baliintimatewedding-balismallweddingpackages-baliaffordableweddingpackages- Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-balibeach-beachwedding-balibeachelopement-baliintimatewedding-balismallweddingpackages-baliromanticwedding Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-beachwedding-balibeachelopement-balibride-baliromanticelopement-baliuniquewedding-newlywed-husbandwife Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-balibeachelopement-marriedabroad-beachwedding-baliromanticwedding-baliweddinginspiration-marriagecertificate Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-balibeach-beachwedding-balibeachelopement-baliintimatewedding-balismallweddingpackages-baliaffordableweddingpackages

After the ceremony and photo session, the newly wedding couple offering all of us, musician, photo and videographer and team the ‘bem casados’ cakes symbol of gratitude and….. yay champagne toast and dance in a heart circle that we made with candles. We all can see, we can feel their love. Such a romantic couple!!

“Love is in the air, love is everywhere”

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At 7:30 pm it was time to go back to hotel for romantic dinner and some more photo and video shooting before eating.

Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-baliromanticdinner-weddingatbali-baliintimatewedding-balismallweddingpackages-baliaffordableweddingpackages Bali-Moon-Wedding-elopeinbali-balielopement-balibeachwedding-baliwedding-baliromanticwedding-balibeachelopement-baliintimatewedding-balismallweddingpackages-baliaffordableweddingpackages

We back 4 days later they moved to Seminyak and that was where we delivered the photos and video trailer. We spent the evening showing the photos and video and talked about Bali. Time flies fast and it was our last meeting with this lovely couple on this holiday. They promised will come back in 5 years and we are already waiting! Hopefully come back with a baby ?



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